New year - new goals, right? 

A great resolution for any homeowner in 2018, is to make a commitment to home maintenance. Why? It’s always easier and cheaper to do home maintenance than to repair a home—sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars!

Because it might be too chilly to tackle any outdoor chores this month, we've listed some great to-do's you can take care of indoors. 

1. Pack Up the Holidays

First of all, shop smartly for your home organization solutions if you don't already have them. Only purchase storage bins which fit the space that you have, and shop your own home for leftover cardboard (to wrap cords and lights around) and sandwich bags (for the tiny decorative pieces). Sort them by size, too - use plenty of dividers, so you can unpack them with ease over the next holiday season!

2. Protect the Pipes

As temperatures plunge, you'll want to prevent exposed pipes from freezing. A frozen pipe can crack or burst, flooding your home. If you haven't already, be sure to turn off the water to outdoor spigots. Shut off water valves and open spigots to drain existing water.

3. Clean Hardware

With more traffic coming and going from your home over the holidays, it's a good time to wipe down your hardware! Shine and tighten doorknobs and hinges; tighten loose cabinet pulls and nobs; and level cabinet doors.

DIY Tip: To clean metal hardware, wash with soapy water, then shine with a microfibre cloth dipped in vinegar or lemon juice. 

4. Clean Dirt and Declutter

Get a head start on your spring cleaning for a great start to 2018! Now is the time to seek and destroy any dirt, grime, and dust. However, you'll want to first banish piles, clean out closets and drawers, and tackle the basement if you can stand it. This makes your final clean for 'sparkle' a lot easier!

5. Go Green

Can't deal with the 'grey' that can be January on the West Coast? Start planning your flower and veggie gardens. If you're starting seeds inside, plant them about 6 weeks prior to the last frost here in Metro Vancouver.

How do you plan on caring for your home in 2018? 

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