Traditionally recognized as a quieter time in real estate, today's savvy buyers are catching on to the once-hidden benefits of taking advantage of the winter market - and the reality is, there's really no slow time in Real Estate in our current hot market. Given our mild climate here in Greater Vancouver, our market really keeps churning year-round - no snowbanks to slow down our investors and savvy buyers!

Fewer homes on the market this time of year means less competition - which is GREAT news for the sale of your home. While it’s a great time to sell while buyers are highly motivated, it’s essential to strike the delicate balance between making your home festive and keeping it show ready.

Take a look at these holiday home decor tips to keep your space in the festive spirit - here's how you'll want to stage to sell this time of year! 

Try these tips from the to maximize your winter selling appeal! 


Focus on Winter Curb Appeal & Safety

Winter outdoor home safety for your visitors should be a top priority. So to ensure that potential buyers can make it to your front door without any slips, make sure to clear the driveway, stairs, and walkways of snow, leaves, and ice. Also, having proper outdoor lighting will help to make your house safer and more attractive to buyers who plan to visit at night. Consider illuminating the way to your front door with a series of path lights or flanking the door with decorative lanterns or sconces.

Create a Welcoming Winter Interior Buyers Will Love

 A burning fireplace in the living room can be a welcoming sight or area or a plush quilt at the foot of the bed, or a nicely folded throw kept on a chair are just about a few small additions that will help to create a big difference in the way your interiors feels to potential buyers. Just make sure that there is nothing very personal about the accessories such as a monogrammed throw or a customized rug. Also, as winter days are short, dim, and gloomy, be...

Try Using Warmer Painted Colour Walls for Buyer Appeal

While a fresh coat of paint is advised at any time of the year, it is very important when it comes to creating winter buyer appeal. Due to bare trees, visitors have a clearer view of your house in colder months than they do in spring or summer. Chipped or faded paint will be visible during these months, so give it a fresh coat if there is a need.

Use Tasteful Holiday Decor

For sure a giant inflatable Santa displayed in your front yard can distract potential buyers from your home, but tasteful wintry accents can bring out the best in your property. In fact, as buyers want to be able to envision living in your house, it’s advised to make that vision possible with subtle holiday decorations. Consider a simple wreath on the front door, a centerpiece made of pine cones, and small white lights strung outdoors.   

All of the above tips certainly point to one concept - and that's to use weather to your selling advantage, by making potential buyers feel warm and comfortable. 

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