Spring has officially arrived here in Greater Vancouver! 

The cherry blossoms have emerged and we're headed into what's known to be the most popular time to buy and sell a home. 

Where it might seem to be a daunting process to sell your home, it surely doesn't need to be. They are some key actions you can take today - to ensure you the most profitable, time-efficient sale tomorrow. 

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First things first! Real estate agents are professionals - and your trusted real estate agent will walk you through the entire process, from beginning to end. A great real estate agent will not only ensure your property is priced right, they’ll also be your guide through every step of the process in the weeks and months leading up to listing, during the time your home is listed, the closing of your property sale and beyond. Receive your free home evaluation. 

Dive Into Your Spring Cleaning 

Not only does purging feel good in Spring, it can help you sell your home! Rid your home of any extra belongings; including in all of your drawers - remember, you want to convey to the potential buyer that your home has room for their stuff! This will set you up for staging your home to sell (which we have many years experience with, and can help you with once we have your selling strategy in place). Furthermore, consider the curb appeal of your home. Stand at the perimeter of your property - what do you see? Now will be the time to take care of any outstanding repairs, landscaping, or sprucing up the details (like a fresh coat on the front door). 

Dig Out That Paperwork

Now is the time to begin getting your paperwork in order. If any extensive renovations and/or maintenance has been conducted on the home, you’ll want to be sure to have the receipts, permits, or other important documents at hand. They may not be required, but will be of interest to some buyers. Have your bills organized in one place (including a recent property tax amount) as many potential buyers will like to see estimates on any utilities when possible. As well, if you’re selling your home, we will want to assess your budget for making another purchase. 

If you’re at all intimidated by this list, take it from us -  don’t be! We’ve helped clients accomplish everything on this list in days. 

If you’re in the market to sell, the sooner you hire Michael Cowling & Associates to help, the better. 

Start with your free home evaluation - find out what your home is worth in today's market. 

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