Richmond residents reminded to keep cool and stay safe during heat wave

The City of Richmond is encouraging residents to remain heat aware and is offering a number of options for people to stay cool, look out for each other and stay informed about heat-related health risks during this current spell of extreme weather.

Environment Canada has issued a Heat Warning for Metro Vancouver including Richmond. A dangerous, long duration heat wave began today (Friday) and is expected to continue for several days. Daytime highs are forecast to range from 29 to 38 degrees Celsius.

The City has several options in place for people seeking relief from the heat:

  • Stay cool by visiting one of Richmond's three spray parks located in Steveston, King George and Burkeville. The spray parks operate from 9:30am to 8:30pm, seven days a week.
  • Explore nature under the shade and canopy of one of the City's wooded trail systems such as Richmond Nature Park, Shell Road Trail, Terra Nova Trails, and the Railway greenway.
  • Take in a book or two in the air conditioned comfort of one of the City’s four libraries or view the work of local artists with a visit to the Richmond Art Gallery, currently featuring the work of three prominent BC ceramic artists.
  • Enjoy the shade and great outdoors at one of four temporary shelters located in Paulik, Steveston, Dover and McLean parks. Starting Monday, June 28, the tents with picnic tables will offer respite from the heat until September 30.
  • Keeping hydrated is essential, so the City has several water fountains installed across Richmond to provide clean drinking water.
  • A map of these and other options is available at:

People are reminded to stay safe during extreme heat and, if heading outdoors, to plan carefully. Pack water and sunscreen and ensure that you hydrate well before going outside, as well as throughout the day. Consider freezing a water bottle or two to ensure that you have a quick way to cool down and head outside in the early morning or evening when temperatures are cooler.

Other tips for hot weather safety include:

  • Drink plenty of fluids (stay hydrated), even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  • Keep cool by seeking out places that have air conditioning or shade, use a fan, wet towels, take cool showers/baths, and draw your blinds/keep your curtains closed or use window coverings to reduce inside heat.
  • Stay out of hot cars. Never leave a child or a pet in a parked car, even for just a moment. If you see an animal in distress in a hot car, note the license plate, contact 911 and then the BC SPCA helpline at 1-855-622-7722.
  • Check in on your loved ones – older family, friends, and neighbours who may be at risk of heat related illnesses. Those most at risk for heat related illness can include individuals with a disability, pregnant women, babies and young children, seniors, and anyone with underlying health conditions.

For more information on Heat-related Illness, visit Healthlink BC’s Beat the Heat webpage. Check out the BC SPCA's hot weather pet safety tips for information on how to protect your pets.

For more information on staying safe in hot weather, please visit the City’s website at

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Source:  City of Richmond