Regular exercise is good for everyone. Daily morning walks, or jogs under the sunset are great ways at maintaining a daily exercise routine. There are also a number of gyms that offer memberships for those looking to go in and get more of a workout. There are a variety of workouts that can be done while going to the gym, but finding the time to get there can be difficult in between work, house upkeep, children and more. Setting up a home gym can be just as great as a facility, if not better. There is the convenience of waking up and going straight to the room with the gym equipment; no designated travel time which can take away from the workout in order to make it to work on time, or school pick up. There are no weekly or monthly membership fees, no extra costs to buy a protein shake at the end of the workout. You can even share your new free gym with others!

Here is how to build the perfect home gym.

Find the Perfect Space

There are a number of spaces in a home that can be used to create a gym. Many people choose a room in the basement or a spare guest room. Here are some of the other spaces that can be created into the perfect gym.


Create a cubby within the garage for a few gym equipment pieces such as a bike or treadmill. This would be great for anyone looking for a small start-up area. It leaves homeowners ample room to still park or use the rest of the garage for storage.

Dining Room

Some people love dining rooms, others don’t even go in theirs. Add a yoga mat, full-length mirror and some house plants and just like that, a simple, yet perfect zen den.

Basement Rec Room

The popular home gym choice is the basement rec room. This time let’s make it inviting. Floor mats, a few essential workout pieces, a mirror and inspirational wall decor; motivating space for anyone to feel welcome.


Converting an attic into a gym can be great for those up for the task. Depending on the attic and home, not much work may need to go into it. Throw on some wall paint, open up those windows and sweat!

Outdoor Gym

Maybe the perfect spot for a gym is the outdoors. The fresh air is great for everyone’s mental well-being, mix that with an awesome workout and the day is bound to be a good one. Having a covered porch is a great way to keep all the equipment dry and allows for workouts to happen outdoors whether it is rain or shine.


Having a big bathroom should be taken advantage of when choosing a space for a home gym. This can be a perfect place for a spa feel. Grab an elliptical and some eucalyptus cuttings to hang in the shower for afterward.


Once space is decided and ready for the equipment, it is time to decide on what best suits the needs of the new gym user. Someone who is working with a small space can consider using equipment that has more than one use. A resistance bow is a great option as it works out the arms, core, chest and legs. A vertical climber is another great piece of equipment to get an intense workout in a small space. Using a climber will tone legs, arms and abs. Detachable pull-up bars, door mounting punching bags, and a compact treadmill are also fantastic workout equipment that can be used in small spaces. More factors to be considered are what types of workouts will be had in the home gym. Cardio, muscle building, yoga; all needing different types of equipment. Rowers, bikes, and step machines are all great ways to keep up with cardio. However, a leg press or bench press may be better when looking to build muscle.


Avid gym goers know there is always a tv to watch, or music to enjoy. The same should be said for a home gym. How easy is it to stay on a treadmill for 40 minutes while watching your favorite Netflix show? Adding speakers for motivating music, whether it is a playlist full of dance music or calming music you would hear at a spa. Tv is also great for Yoga videos to follow along with.


Mirrors are great for any gym, whether it be at home, outdoors, or at a facility. Mirrors, especially in a home gym can open up space and make it look twice as big, leaving people feeling less confined. Mirrors can also serve a purpose by allowing those who are working out to watch themselves and make any corrections as they go. Poor body posture is a common correction that needs to be made during workouts. It can go unnoticed unless it is seen by the person doing the workout, hence the mirror.

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