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April 25, 2023

4 Tips For Those Looking To Renew Their Mortgages In 2023

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Amid high interest rates and economic uncertainty, here are the best ways to navigate a new contract

The real estate market is a roller coaster. When it comes time to renew your mortgage, you might be asking yourself whether you want to stay on the ...

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April 5, 2023

Setting client expectations for a home inspection

Realtors know how stressful buying a home can be. The process can seem confusing and complex, especially for first-time buyers.

A home inspector’s goal is to reduce anxiety, not add to it. The home inspection and report should provide clarity and reassurance.

The best way to make the inspection a ...

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March 28, 2023

Amendments to the Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act’s accompanying Regulations

The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, announced amendments to the Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act’s accompanying Regulations.

The Act was passed by Parliament on June 23, 2022, and the Act and Regulations came into force on January 1, 2023, as ...

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March 17, 2023

What Is A Housing Bubble? And Are We In One?

What is a housing bubble? You’ve undoubtedly heard the term, but what does it actually mean, and is Canada experiencing one? Whether you already own a home, are considering buying one soon, or are waiting for the right time to sell, you want answers to this vital question.

Let’s explore ...

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March 15, 2023

Explore the Neighbourhood Before You Buy

The quality of the surrounding community is a significant factor in determining whether you will be happy in your new home. While choosing a neighbourhood and forming an accurate impression of it is tough until you actually live there, preliminary research on the area can reduce the likelihood of suffering ...

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March 14, 2023

A Look at Financial Help and Incentives for First-Time Homebuyers

Despite recent softening in the housing market, home ownership in Canada is expensive and can be intimidating if you’re a first-timer. Luckily, there’s financial help and incentives for first-time homebuyers, which can help offset the cost of purchasing a new home. You don’t need to feel as if you have ...

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March 12, 2023

How to declutter your home: the new rules for decluttering in 2023

Change your mindset for a more sustainable spring clean.

Many of us dream of living in a calm, organized home, and a big spring clear-out can be the answer. But is it time to rethink the way we declutter? It’s easy to get caught in a cycle of getting rid ...

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March 8, 2023

New Strata Property Act amendments: the end of rental and age restrictions

The BC government’s Bill 44 amendments to the Strata Property Act are now in effect. These amendments end rental restrictions, all but one age restriction, and add the ability to hold virtual meetings without the need for a bylaw.

Here’s a quick overview of what these new rules will mean ...

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March 6, 2023

36 Best Things To Do In Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Located on the Strait of Georgia, spliced by False Creek, and backed by towering mountains, Vancouver, Canada balances outdoor activities with many cultural highlights. This year-round destination has plenty of hiking trails and outdoor events in the summertime and ...

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March 3, 2023

Are Condos a Good Investment?

The pandemic impacted Canada in many ways, including the real estate market. The industry was quickly able to adapt to virus conditions by relying on technology solutions like virtual open houses and e-signatures to facilitate transactions. Although many in-person practices have been taken up again, virtual practices for buying and ...

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