Step into the shoes of an Olympic athlete on Richmond Property. A one of a kind experience awaits at The Richmond Olympic Experience. Fondly dubbed The Rox, visitors can immerse themselves into the ultimate sporting adventure. The Olympic Games is filled with thrilling moments as top athletes push themselves beyond their limits to be the very best.

Simulators at the Rox share the adrenaline, plummeting guests into extreme sports situations. One in the Bobsled simulator, winds rush up as the sled whisks along the track. A wild ride ensues inside the luge when Olympic gold times are challenged. With speeds topping almost 100 kilometers the Sky Jump makes it feel like flying. In the Sit-Ski guests can adapt like a world class paralympic athlete. With just one ski what changes are necessary to remain steady on the slopes? Take on a raging river in the Kayak simulator. Mother Nature throws a world of curves as the Chilliwack River fierce white waters threaten to topple paddlers in its midsts. Put the pedal to the medal in the Racecar simulator. Buckle up and hit the winding track.

The Spirit Of The Olympian Lives On Near Richmond Homes

Interactive Challenges let guests see how they measure up against the best athletes in the games. Hockey and soccer buffs try to score a goal against simulated competitors. When shooting hoops professionals seem to reach the sky. Here the average Joe can see how their jumping skills compare. Agility tests pair individuals up against themselves. Are movements slow and sloppy or smooth and slick? Friends often engage in friendly competition to see who scores the highest. The Rox recognizes behind the scenes talents in the broadcast booth. Sportscasting enthusiasts can grab the mic and call out all the action as it happens on the field.

Exhibits showcase the talent of past Canadian Olympians detailing journeys of success stories including tough moments where dreams seemed almost out of reach. The Rox Theater sets the scene for inspirational stories of up and coming athletes headed toward the games. Key starts, unprecedented moves, and unbelievable finishes share the limelight in The Moments in Series Exhibit.

Membership opportunities are readily taken advantage of by sports enthusiasts living in Richmond homes. Packages include unlimited admission, discounts and special events. For more information please call 778.296.1400.