Starting over is never easy! Moving can be tough to begin with, and it gets harder when the move includes relocating to a new city or neighbourhood.

It might feel intimidating to find your place in your new neighbourhood, but there are some ways you can ease the transition. Who knows? You might even make some great new friends along the way! 

Be Approachable

Do you beeline to your car in the driveway before work every day, or do you wave to your neighbours? Make chances for your new community to greet you! Simply being out of your home - and with a smile on your face - goes a long way in making neighbours feel comfortable around you. Make eye contact, smile, and say hello! If you're looking for a conversation starter, you can ask about the trash pick-up, the schools, or the best walking trail. The outcome might just surprise you. 

Get Out and Enjoy the Neighbourhood Hot Spots

Instead of zipping over to the Starbucks drive-thru on your way to work, check out the coffee shop on the corner where your neighbours frequent (or at the very least, skip the drive-thru!). Get to know the baristas and before you know it, they'll have your Americano started as soon as you come through the door! Check out the local walking trails (we've got some great ones in most suburbs here in Greater Vancouver!) walk to the mailbox, and if you have a dog, take them out as much as possible - a dog is the ultimate conversation starter!

Build Your Network

When you start taking part in activities that are meaningful to you, you'll be far more likely to meet like-minded people! Check online for opportunities to volunteer or be involved in groups of interest. If you're a parent, this can come easily - schools are always in need of chaperones, volunteers, and committee members. If you're moving on a work relocation, many employers will provide programs which connect their relocated employees with longtime residents in your area, too. 

These are just three tips to get you started - do you have any to share from your experiences? In short, you'll really just want to put yourself out of your comfort zone (even if just a bit!) and put effort into creating connections with others in your new community. After all, it's these kinds of connections you'll make in your own community which make a house feel like a home. 

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