There’s something about the crisp, fresh, fall air in Richmond that puts homeowners in the mood to nest for the upcoming cooler months. And autumn is the perfect time to take on DIY home projects - no one likes to do physical labour in the heat, and winter can provide its own complexities with rain, sleet, and snow.

If you’re in the mood to tackle some projects, here are the top three you can do that will prepare your home for the next several months.



1. Clean The Gutters

Although this isn’t necessarily the most “fun” job, getting moisture away from the foundation of your home is key for basic maintenance. We strongly suggest all homeowners clean their gutters and check their downspouts to ensure water is being effectively funneled away from the home. Afterall, clogged gutters during the winter months can allow ice to build up and cause damage. It’s all about prevention - so please don’t miss this one!


2. Do A Mini-Makeover

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to head into fall on an organized, inspired note, why not take on the inside of your home? We tend to spend the majority of our time in the kitchen and bathrooms, and these are great rooms to focus on to improve ROI for when you resell in the future.

To transform your space, think of updates that will provide both style AND functionality. For example, replace your loose and dated handles and pulls with a sleek, modern style. Swap out cabinet doors (or if you’re really feeling the exposed shelving trend, try removing them completely - just be sure you stay on top of organization in these spaces), update your tile backsplash with a chic mosaic, or refresh your bathroom with a new towel rack or even a brand new sink.


3. Winter-Proof Your Home


It’s all about saving energy - and reducing your bills as much as possible! In order to preserve costs, you want to keep warm air in and cold air out. We suggest starting with silicone caulking around your windows, doors, and siding as a simple, inexpensive way to save money. This is flexible, waterproof AND crack proof - which means you’ll only have to do the job once!

Here are just a few projects you can easily take on in the weekend or less - right before fall begins.

Do you have any DIY projects planned for the fall? If so, please leave us your comments!


Thanks for reading!

Michael Cowling & Associates